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A selection of menu that makes full use of the original flavor of supreme Wagyu.
In a calm atmosphere talk with the chef while he shows off his brilliant handiwork.

Business hours 11:30~21:30
*The kitchen will be closed 30 minutes prior to each closing time.
※Reservation is requested by the previous day
Seating 14 seats * All seats are non smoking
Inquiries お問い合わせ先+81-72-455-1120
19,000–29,000 yen
Shogetsu 15,000–24,000 yen
Kobe (Kobe-gyu beef course) 25,000 yen
Chogetsu (seafood course) 23,000 yen
Served during lunch time (11:30 a.m.–2:30 p.m.) only Kaisei 8,200–11,400 yen
Steak Lunch 6,600–9,800 yen

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