Amazingly convenient.
Directly connected to Terminal 1, the JR and Nankai Electric Railway station with a pedestrian walkway.

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By airplane

By airplane

Route from each transit agency within the island to the hotel

Route from each transit agency within the island to the hotel

From Terminal 1

Terminal 1 is connected with the 2F of the hotel directly with the 3 concourses.
Pass through the central concourse leads to the main atrium which is where the hotel entrance on the 2F is located.

From Terminal 2

From Terminal 2

A free connecting bus can be used from Terminal 2 to the “AERO PLAZA” where the hotel is situated.

From the train station (JR, Nankai Train)

From the train station (JR, Nankai Train)

When using the hotel private parking(No roof) lot

When using the hotel private parking(No roof) lot

For details on the parking lot please check the following

Route guidance Movie

By train

Major point Transportation facilities Main trains Time required to Kansai-airport Station
Osaka (Umeda) JR Limited Express Haruka About 50 minutes
Kansai Airport Rapid train About 70 minutes
Subway + Nankai Subway + Limited Express rapit About 55 minutes
Namba Nankai Electric Railway Airport Express About 50 minutes
Limited Express rapit About 40 minutes
Tennoji JR Limited Express Haruka About 35 minutes
Kansai Rapid About 55 minutes
Shin-Osaka JR Limited Express Haruka About 55 minutes
JR Kyoto Line (via Osaka Station) Kansai Aiport Rapid About 80 minutes
Kobe JR Special Rapid Service (via Osaka Station) Limited Express Haruka About 90 minutes
Limousine Bus About 75 minutes
Kobe Airport High-speed boat Bay Shuttle About 40 minutes
Kyoto JR Limited Express Haruka About 80 minutes
Nara JR Yamatoji Rapid Service
(Via Tennoji) Limited Express Haruka
About 85 minutes
Yamatoji Rapid Service
(Via Tennoji) Kansai Airport Rapid
About 95 minutes
Wakayama JR Kishuji Rapid Service
(Via Hineno) Kansai Airport Rapid Service
About 55 minutes
Nankai Electric Railway Limited Express
(Via Izumisano) Airport Line
About 45 minutes

* For detailed railroad time, required time, and fare, please visit each transportation website.

Access to Universal Studios Japan® is also convenient

Limousine bus is convenient for access to Universal Studios Japan®, and Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan!

There are many shopping, leisure and historic spots around Kansai International Airport


Transportation website

JR Odekake Net Nankai Electric Railway Kobe-Kansai Limousine Bus Kobe-Kansai Bay Shuttle (high speed boat)

Access from the surrounding area

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By car

Major point Highway name Time required to hotel
Osaka (Umeda · Namba) Hanshin expressway (Bayshore Line) 50 minutes (50 km)
Tennoji -
Shin Osaka Hanshin expressway (Bayshore Line) 60 minutes (60 km)
Kobe Hanshin expressway (Bayshore Line) 80 minutes (70 km)
Kobe Airport -
Kyoto Hanwa Expressway 100 minutes (110 km)
Nara Hanwa Expressway 80 minutes (80 km)
Wakayama Hanwa Expressway 40 minutes (40 km)

* The above time and distance are approximate.

Access to hotel private parking lot

About the hotel private parking lot charge

About the hotel private parking(No roof) lot charge

100 units, height (2.5 m)

Regular fee 1 hour 840 yen
one night stay

24 hours free parking for one night stay

・When a parking privilege is included in the accommodation plan, it will be given priority.
・First class/ Business class guests: Free for up to a maximum of 20 days including the day of accommodation.

*A fee of \2,000 (tax included) will be charged for each day after the free period ends.
*All rooms are permitted one parking space per room reserved.

Restaurant 4 hours free parking regardless of the amount used in the restaurant
For people attending the banquet hours free parking Various hotel event:
Seminar participants 4 hours free parking

* To get to the hotel parking lot, after passing through the connecting bridge toll gate, use the AEROPLAZA signs to go around the Hotel Main Entrance, and use the hotel private parking lot.

* We are not responsible for damage accidents, theft etc. of cars in the hotel parking lot.
See below for details.

Management regulations concerning the use of parking lots inside Kansai International Airport (Japanese)

* Make sure the door of the vehicle, trunk, and windows are firmly locked or closed.
* We do not accept reservation for parking. This does not guarantee parking space.