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[Important Notice]

Breakfast buffet service is suspended and set menus (American breakfast or Japanese breakfast) are provided.

Regarding measures taken by ’All Day Dining: The Brasserie’to prevent the spread of COVID-19


Hours 7:00〜9:00
Price American breakfast or Japanese breakfast set menu: 2,850 yen per person (including consumption tax and service charge)
Inquiries お問い合わせ先+81-72-455-1120
Start the day with a delicious breakfast

Start the day with a delicious breakfast

We have over 40 different dishes from Japanese, Western to Chinese, centered on local ingredients and 100% domestically grown vegetables.
We also have a wide variety of menus from freshly baked croissant to breakfast menus such as "breakfast steak" that the chef prepare right in front of your table.

One Harmony member and member’s children

One Harmony member and member’s children (buffet style)

[Price] Adult 2,450 yen, seniors (65 years old or over) 2,000 yen, 7-12 years old 1,000 yen, 4-6 years old 500 yen * 3 years old and under free
* The above price all include service fee and tax.
* Children under the age of 3 who sleep with their parents are free, so please enjoy eating together with your children.
* The menu is changed at any time, depending on the ingredients procured.

We also have set menus

We also have set menus

Brasserie breakfast
Egg dish, bread, salad, yogurt, fruit
Juice, coffee or tea
1 person 2,850 yen (including consumption tax and service charge)

エビ アレルギー 小麦 アレルギー 乳 アレルギー 卵 アレルギー 牛 アレルギー

豚 アレルギー 鶏 アレルギー 貝 アレルギー 魚 アレルギー 酒 アレルギー

About the food material pictogram

Foodstuffs contained in foods are represented by an illustration as described above for each menu display plate. In order to give consideration to customers who have restricted ingredients that they can eat, we have introduced this pictogram ingredient display.

However, we do not cook isolated for each ingredient, so other ingredients may remain in the cooking process or in the washing process in the kitchen so please use your own judgement as a guide for eating breakfast.

About the original mark

Aiming at realizing this idea of "Feeling the original taste of food ingredients.”

At Hotel Nikko Kansai Airport, we have established our own "self-regulatory standards guideline" on food additives. We will inform you that we will grant original marks from December 2017 targeted at products that satisfy this voluntary standard.

About the original mark

About restaurant's initiatives

All the vegetables in the dishes are "100% domestically produced"

We would like for you to feel safe when dining with us!
From such a feeling, all vegetables offered at all the restaurants are domestically produced. We provide seasonal vegetables from the whole country, but mainly centered on Senshu vegetables.
* Main ingredients 100% domestically produced vegetables

About restaurant's initiatives

A gem that the hotel prides itself on

A gem that the hotel prides itself on

We carefully select ingredients to be used at the hotel and actually go to where the ingredients are produced, talking directly with the producers, and do our best to stock the ingredients as fresh as it can possibly be.

About children’s meals

About children’s meals

We have small children's chairs and plastic containers.
They are also very colorful so children can enjoy a happy time. Also please talk to the staff about hot water necessary for baby's formula.

* Please note that the number of children’s chairs are limited.
* Please bring baby food. We will heat up the baby food if required.


We offer body-friendly bread without shortening/margarine
*Some items are not eligible


Awarded Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Prize for 2 consecutive years! We use Kishiwada Musomaru eggs.


100% Arita mandarin orange “Ajimarosibori” orange juice & Hokkaido Kenbuchi-cho’s “Yumemiru Tomato”


Popular with women! Hotel made French toast


When you want stamina from the morning, we also prepare steak.


We also have take-out coffee

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