Regarding the Handling of Food Allergies

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・Food allergy prevention measures taken by this hotel

  • It is possible that dishes prepared in our restaurant & conference hall kitchens may contain trace amounts of allergens.
    It is our duty to inform you that it is not possible for us to provide food which is completely free of allergens.
  • As there is no obligation to display the content levels of the 21 raw ingredients designated as potential allergens, it can be difficult to obtain accurate information from suppliers. Please be aware that consequently, the hotel does not display full ingredient lists as a general rule.

・Information for Guests with Severe Food Allergies

  • We kindly request that guests who may experience severe allergic reactions please bring with them their own retort pouch meals etc. when visiting any of our facilities.
    Hotel kitchens are able to heat and serve such food if requested.
  • ※Please note: As some premises may not be able to provide this service, please consult the restaurant in advance.
  • ※Service is limited to unopened packages which have been both heat & pressure sterilized and hermetically sealed during their manufacture.
    We request that guests refrain from preparing their own meals in order to comply with required standards of food hygiene management.

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