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At Hotel Nikko Kansai Airport, in order that the family can enjoy their time in the hotel, have prepared an assortment of baby and children’s goods.
Please ask our staff.
We would also like to introduce children’s welcome plan as well.

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BUGGYWhat we recommend is the “air buggy”


handy for moving around the facility. This 3 wheeled baby stroller is not only great to ride in, but is easy to push, and comes with function features and has been approved by the world to be safe as well.
We have 3 air buggy located in the lobby in front of the front desk on the 1st floor so for those of you who did not bring a baby stroller, please make full use of it during your stay at our hotel or when eating at the hotel.

* Available in limited quantities. We ask that you limit the use of the air buggy to within our facility.

MEALChildren’s menu

2F All Dining “The Brasserie”

Plastic dishes that are hard to break are available. They are also very colorful so you can enjoy a happy time. We also have baby chairs for 1-3 year old (with apron) and for 4-8 year old.
* Available in limited quantities.

2F Chinese Restaurant “Toh-Lee”

A meal set for children is available.

*Please bring baby food with you.
*Please bring baby food with you.
*We will heat up the baby food if required. We have children’s plates and spoon.


STAYChildren’s overnight stay


Recommended for
all children

Humidifier/air purifier, children’s chair, children's interlocking tile play mat, outlet cover(cap type), finger guard(for door), children’s hanger

Recommended for

For feeding Feeding cushion

Take a bath bathing chair (up to 1 year old), body soap

Go to sleep bed guard, baby bed, waterproof mat(waterproof sheets)

Diaper change diaper disposer(with plastic bag)

Others recommended for

Bath bathmat, stepping stool

excretion potty seat

brushing teeth toothbrush, stepping stool

pajamas size 100cm/130cm

cloth slippers for ages 2-12

Other facilities that can be used inside hotel

On 1F & 2F washroom space diaper changing fixture, diaper disposal/potty seat, potty stool, disinfectant

Nursing room North Building 2F

Other Children’s blankets are available for overnight stay and restaurants

* All the above are limited in quantity. We apologize in advance that it may be that we will not be able to fulfill your request.