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The Guide for Hotel Nikko Kansai Airport Premium Selection

What is Premium Selection?

Premium Selection is a new program that provides members with an even greater quality of services and hospitality at their favorite hotel.
Simply by selecting one of the hotels that offer Premium Selection Benefits, in addition to Basic Benefits and Hotel Original Benefits, will allow you to enjoy Premium Selection Benefits offered by your chosen hotel.


How to register/modify your Premium Selection

1. One Harmony members

Simply log in to the My Account page of the One Harmony website and select register/change.
After logging in register Hotel Nikko Kansai Airport from the list of participating hotels as your choice for Premium Selection Benefits.


2. Non-One Harmony members

Please register for the One harmony membership program, and for Premium Selection.


<Points To Note>

Premium Selection Benefits differ depending on the participating hotel. Benefits are only offered at some hotels.
The hotel you can choose is limited to one per member.
Once you have registered for Premium Selection we will post you a special card with the hotel’s name embossed on it.
Changes to your Premium Selection hotel are only permitted once a year, from April to March of the following year.
Registration is free of charge.

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