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ホテル日航関西空港グループだけのワンハーモニー会員特典 ホテル日航関西空港グループだけのワンハーモニー会員特典 ADMISSION

One Harmony is a perfect point program which offers up a variety of benefits.

Earn Points

Points are earned each time you enjoy our facilities or services. The more points you earn, the higher your membership status will be.

Point Offers

Points are earned each time you enjoy the facilities or services of a participating hotel, restaurant or bar. (Excluding tax and service charges.)

You can earn 20 points per ¥1000 used for a hotel stay
You can earn 10 points per ¥1000 used for restaurants
  • *Points may be calculated differently subject to the hotel, facility or plan/package.
  • *Points are earned only for hotel stays reserved though the hotel official website.
  • *Points may be earned for use of facilities, or stays, reserved through travel agencies (including online travel agencies) at participating hotels except Hotel Nikko Kansai airport.
  • *Points can also be earned for dining at Okura Hotel Group Restaurants (Banquets excluded.)
  • *Points awarded for stays and dining outside Japan are based on fixed local currency converted to Japanese yen.
  • *Benefits may not be offered at some hotels.
  • *Points are valid from the time earned and expire 25 months after January 1 of the following year, at the end of January.

Status upgrade criteria(Actual use between January and December every year)

Members will be invited to become a Loyal Member or an Exclusive Member based on the total points or eligible room nights they earn during the year.

You can earn 20 points per ¥1000 used for a hotel stay
You can earn 10 points per ¥1000 used for restaurants
  • *The upgraded member status is valid for 1 year.

Bonus Points

Loyal Members and Exclusive Members can also earn bonus points.

Loyal +25%
Exclusive +50%
  • *In addition to bonus points, Loyal Members and Exclusive Members receive Stay Coupons and other benefits.

Use of Points

Accumulated One Harmony points can be exchanged into a wide selection of gifts.

Stay Awards

You can stay in a room that you want to stay in depending on the points you have.
The number of necessary points will vary depending on the desired reservation day and extent of stay.
After signing in to this page, confirm what rooms are available for reservation and how many points are required with the Stay Award Plan after selecting the desired date.

Upgrade Awards

Use the points to stay in a room that is higher in grade than that you reserved.
At the Hotel Nikko Kansai Airport

2,000 points
Premium Economy Class (Twin room)
Business Class (Twin room)

Hotel’s Original Award

Accumulated points can be used when paying for accommodation or meals, or exchanged for a wide selection of gifts.

Pay 500 yen worth with points 400 points
1,500 yen worth of Hotel Nikko Kansai Airport accommodation coupon 1,000 points
Made in Senshu face towel 600 points

Benefits that only members can enjoy

Stay Benefits

When you stay at our hotel, in accordance with your membership status, there are a variety of benefits available exclusively for you.

  • Free newspaper
  • Quick Check-In
  • Late Check-Out *For Loyal and Exclusive members only
  • One rank grade-up room
    Loyal member: 5 nights
    Exclusive member: No limit
    * Sign in is required for displaying digital vouchers. Sign in from here
    * There may be cases, due to the availability of rooms, where we cannot accommodate your wishes.
  • Loyal Exclusive Membership Fees
    We have special rates available for Loyal Exclusive members. You will be able to use a specific higher grade room and also get a 15% discount from the Best Available Rate / SAVER, which varies depending on the date. There is no limit to the usage (only the room that the Loyal Exclusive member stays in will be applicable). Details from here
    * At Hotel Nikko Kansai Airport, the above benefits are available only to members who make reservations directly from the hotel's official website.
    * For applicable hotels, please refer to the website.
    * The details and conditions will differ according to the hotel.

Bonus Mileage Benefits

When JAL Mileage bank (JMB) members stay at our hotel using the hotel mileage accumulation "J-SMART Plan", they can accumulate bonus mileage points.

Loyal Exclusive
JMB Bonus Mileage Benefits +10% +30%

*Bonus miles will be added to hotel miles.
*Not offered at Okura Hotels & Resorts.

Restaurant Benefits

Enjoy special discounts at participating restaurants.

Nikko Hotels International 10% Off
Hotel JAL City 5% Off
Okura Hotels & Resorts
(limited to some hotels)
(limited to some hotels)

*Applicable at participating restaurants. *Please refer to our homepage for details of participating restaurants.

Restaurant Benefits

*Bonus miles will be added to hotel miles.

Stay in a Suite or a Deluxe room at a 30% discount.

  • Thirty percent off the best rate for Suite and Deluxe rooms at participating hotels (one night/one room)
  • Please make reservation up to one day prior to your accommodation at the Okura Nikko Hotels Reservation Center or at the individual hotels.

*The type of applicable guest room varies depending on the hotel.
*December 30 to January 3 are blackout dates for use of this plan. The applicable period varies depending on the hotel. Please ask for further details at the time of making a reservation.
* Use of this offer is subject to room availability.

Complimentary birthday cake or dessert

  • Prepared when dining at a participating restaurant.
  • This benefit includes a whole cake, a piece of cake, or a dessert. Offer may differ depending on the hotel. Please ask for further details at the time of making a reservation.
  • Please make your reservation at least two days in advance, and mention Birthday Benefits. * At the Hotel Nikko Kansai Airport we have prepared a dessert plate just for you.

On Birthday Benefits

  • After making prior reservation, show us the birthday voucher when you are using the benefit. Or you can show us your membership card or digital card. * Sign in is required for displaying birthday vouchers. Display from here
  • The benefit is applicable for the member only. The member can make reservation of a suite room / deluxe room category room from 30 days before to 30 days after the member birthday at 30% off the Best Available Rate / SAVER for one night, and can also use the birthday cake / dessert service for 1 time.
    * There are some hotels where the above is not applicable.
    * We do not allow usage of the voucher together with any other vouchers, plans or benefits.


The One Harmony program is operated and administered by Okura Nikko Hotel Management Co., Ltd..

* Please refer to the concerned clause on the linked page.

One Harmony Office (Weekdays 9:30–17:30)
0120-80-3789 (Toll Free Number in Japan) or +81(3)6402-3388