At Hotel Nikko Kansai Airport, all of our restaurants serve up vegetables that have been 100% grown locally (*1).
Our chefs only cook vegetables that have been cultivated in Japan, in particular in Senshu where our hotel can be found.
(*1 main ingredients are 100% domestically-produced vegetables)

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All of our restaurants serve up vegetables that have been 100% grown locally

The Senshu area is well known for its fertile land, and is particularly famous across Japan for its excellent produce such as mizunasu eggplant, onions and more. As so many of our guests come from outside of Japan, to start with, we would like them to fully appreciate our ingredients that have been harvested from the bountiful Senshu soil and through them truly experience Senshu, Kansai and Japan. It is a concept that we have worked towards for the past two years. With that in mind, we have finally arrived at the following two goals.

The first goal is Shindofuni (身土不二). This is an originally Buddhist proverb regarding the indivisibility of the body and the land (i.e. you are what you eat), but which can also mean eat local seasonal foods for your own health. That is, ingredients come from the land and this is equal to seasonal domestic produce and the local soil it came from, so by eating locally grown ingredients you are in fact partaking of the most natural providence. So, in order to develop menus in line with this concept, to allow you to taste truly delicious local food, we have strengthened our links with local farmers and we only serve up the absolutely best seasonal ingredients from nature’s bounty. Seasons being what they are, if there are ingredients which aren’t readily available, then we cast a net over the whole of Japan, and insofar as possible visit where we can, in order to procure them. We chase down the best seasonal ingredients to be found across the whole country, from the south to the north, and from the north back down to the south, and we develop our dishes by using ingredients which have only been selected after talking with producers, and listening to their thoughts. In addition, as we so carefully chose our ingredients we aim to not waste a single thing. As such we have challenged ourselves to cooking without discarding anything, this means that neither the roots, the leaves or even the stalk are thrown away. As such our second goal is ichibutsuzentai (一物全体), which means the whole thing, i.e. waste nothing.

Our cooking, from this point on, seeks out to achieve ‘masumasu anshin’ a concept of making our guests increasingly satisfied and relaxed. We look forward to seeing you at one of our restaurants soon.

Kaneman-agri Matsunami Farm

Mr. Matsunami at Kaneman-agri was the first to start cultivating western vegetables in Senshu, and he supplies to us ingredients, like romanesco cauliflower, which have been grown in Izumisano City.

Kawasaki Farm

From Kawasaki farm, which raises crops by farming methods which make use of little or no agrochemicals, we receive high quality, safe vegetables that our chefs never stop praising.

Oku Farm

From Oku Farm, well-known strawberry farmers in Wakayama Prefecture, we receive Kudoyama strawberries. As the strawberry plants grow in the period up to November they use as little agricultural chemicals as possible, and after seeding in November they use none at all.

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